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Duet by Cantdosleepy

Duet is a happy poppy electronic song, not unlike something The Postal Service would do.

Duck Fat by Dalton

Duck Fat (note: one nsfw word in lyrics) is an acoustic pop song that’s about how awesome cooking with duck fat is. This is the second and latest song that Dalton’s posted, and both made it to the podcast. (The first was Secular Humanist Love Song.)

It’s fitting to have a song about cooking today. Happy American Thanksgiving!

Edit: Want another Thanksgiving song? Try Tryptophantastic by sleepy pete, previously on the podcast. It’s a lofi garage rock song, loud and distorted. It’s lyrically thematically appropriate, at least.

Syllogismobile by doubtfulpalace

Syllogismobile is an interesting poppy song – the trumpets make it seem like a 50’s pop song, with lyrical references to symbolic logic.

Chased by MaiaMadness

Chased is a jangly electronic pop song.

14 Candles by Jon-A-Thon

14 Candles is a lovely, slow, and lush acoustic pop song, and I love the vocals and the piano.

Rewrite by cortex

Rewrite is a plucky musically-upbeat rock song, with banjo and guitars. Lyrically, it’s a big dislodged chunk of post-breakup catharsis.

It’s from cortex’s “record an album in a month” challenge, which produced Inchoatery, which has gotten some play here.

Robot Ninja Zombie Bear by davejay

Robot Ninja Zombie Bear imitates the sound of a 1960s novelty song – special effects samples, kazoos, and harmonizing background vocals. It sounds like a theme song, and it’s got a surf rock rhythm section.

I Talk To Myself by Jon-A-Thon

I Talk To Myself is a bouncy pop song, a repurposed cell phone commercial soundtrack. So, lots of phone puns and references and audio filters. I like the “la la” bits.

Uh Uh by cortex

Uh Uh is a dancy little pop rock song from cortex, part of an attempt to make an entire album in a month – which succeeded as Inchoatery. Another track or two may appear here.

Edit: Consider this a Saturday bonus track!

Killing All My Friends by Jon-A-Thon

Killing All My Friends is a slow murder ballad, then pop song / “James Bond soundtrack” – which helps defuse the lyrical oddity.

Hero by uncleozzy

Hero is a drunken stream-of-consciousness shambles of a cover of the Enrique Iglesias song. I find this much more amusing than I should.

Single Ladies Want Candy by davejay

Single Ladies Want Candy is a fun mashup of a couple of pop songs – “Single Ladies” by Beyoncé (2008) and new wave classic “I Want Candy” by Bow Wow Wow (1982), which I just found out is a cover of The Strangeloves (1965). It’s bouncy and fun!

Bride of the Creature From the Deep by uncleozzy

Bride of the Creature From the Deep is a sequel (the first here!) to another “head-bobbing retro pop song,” Creature From the Deep (previously).

Meanest Words by chococat

Meanest Words is a pretty song with some sick burns! It’s a sad acoustic song about a couple fighting, with a melodica. Er. The song is accompanied by a melodica. They’re not fighting with the melodica. Obviously. (cough)

Say When by Karlos the Jackal

Say When is a poppy tale of mismatched yet scrappy love, with upbeat music including the lovely autoharp.

Happy Memorial Day!

Looking at Things, Doing Stuff by dagosto

Looking at Things, Doing Stuff is a quiet poppy rock song, with a chill desert atmosphere to the guitar.

Shutterbug by ludwig_van

Shutterbug is a pop song about grabbing the all-too-ephemeral moment.

I’m Not So Sure It’s Not a Broken Heart by Karlos the Jackal

I’m Not So Sure It’s Not a Broken Heart is a happy bouncy pop song about heartbreak. It’s pretty catchy, and it has a marimba and autoharp, if you like offbeat instruments. (I very much do.)

68 percent by millipede

68 percent is a lofi indie pop song, with lyrics about ending a relationship over poppy music.

In the Aeroplane Over the Sea by ford and the prefects

In the Aeroplane Over the Sea is a poppier cover of the Neutral Milk Hotel song.

This is the first appearance here from ford and the prefects.

You’re Not The Only One by clcapps

You’re Not The Only One is an upbeat synthpop song, bubbling over with energy & momentum. So fun.

JMC (Election Remix) by Aquaman

JMC (Election Remix) tells a short story, in an experimental way, by a 7-piece band. It’s told after the 2008 election, but it was posted the week before.

It’s the second of two tracks that Aquaman has posted to Mefi Music, and the first one I’ve posted here.

Creature From the Deep by uncleozzy

Creature from the Deep is a head-bobbing retro pop song, like the Monster Mash and the flexi discs off of cereal boxes.

vicodin casio by sleepy pete

vicodin casio is a meaty and eclectic smorgasbord of a song, experimental, dancy, and poppy. It’s mellow and noodly, with atmosphere and intricate layering of more instruments than the two-person cast of the Harvey Girls (previously) have any rights to just casually throw around like this, man.

The Kingdom Must Come Down by bingwah

The Kingdom Must Come Down starts as folk-country, and shifts to something more layered, poppy, and sweeping.

monster by sleepy pete

monster is an awesome charming smorgasbord of a pop song; it has an acoustic guitar, mainly in the first minute; a drum machine kicking in, adding layers that make it much more satisfying; and lyrics that made me pause.

Protein Shoes by Beardman

Protein Shoes completes a week of Beardman’s weird and catchy answering-machine music, completing the whole set.

I Am Truly Fully Licensed Hairstylist by Beardman

I Am Truly Fully Licensed Hairstylist is, like Monday’s I’ve Been Delayed, weird and catchy music, sampling an answering machine. This is his week here! Here, the sample’s exuberant, and it makes the song uplifting and cheerful.

“Have an awesome day–buh-bye!”

I’ve Been Delayed by Beardman

I’ve Been Delayed is a weird and catchy song, experimental and also pop. The “singing” is samples from an answering machine, set to pop music.

A portion of this was looped as background music in a certain chatroom of Club Penguin, sort of a Disney MMORPG / social network for kids. So. This song is common in Club Penguin tribute videos.

The use of found audio for vocals makes this musique concrète! The melody emerging from the spoken word is, well, some keywords for searching are “the musicality of speech,” “prosody,” and “speech-melodies.” Radiolab covered this in 2007.

Kick Start by 23skidoo

Kick Start is an adult version of an alphabet song. It’s just 23skidoo and his guitar – happy, pretty uncomplicated pop.

You and Me by johanze

You and Me is smooth, acoustic, and girl-fronted pop.

My Fire by pedmands

My Fire is a simple & clean classic pop song, harmonizing & mellow.

Snow Girl by ratla

I think Snow Girl is a dance remix of a song from the Russian cartoon, Nu Pogodi. It’s cheesy & fun.

Here’s the original cartoon, with a translation.

She’s a Scientist, Too by tcobretti

She’s a Scientist, Too sounds like mellow college rock to me. tcobretti labelled it psychedelic pop, from his band, The 23rd Century.

Charm by Grangousier

Charm is, well, jangly pop. It’s sort of timeless – it reminds me of songs from the 60’s & 90’s, a Brit Pop vibe.

Thanks for the Add (demo) by frenetic

Thanks for the Add is a fun and catchy dance track, with the bass cranked, distorted and farty-sounding. This song’s around four years old, from when Myspace was the dominant social network, with around twice as many monthly users as that upstart Facebook.

Faster Peach by melissa may

Faster Peach is a sorta shoegazer, poppy song from The Harvey Girls, previously.

Happy by Karlos the Jackal

Happy is a fun, catchy, and bouncy song, though I like the somewhat dark vein. You know, like how the Magnetic Fields are sort of happily morose, if that makes any sense.

I Am John by goodnewsfortheinsane

I Am John is a pretty acoustic cover from goodnewsfortheinsane, originally from Loney Dear. It’s the first song here tagged with melodica or glockenspiel.

Not Anymore by markulus

Not Anymore is a poppy rock song.