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Nova Dolphin by CarrotAdventure

Nova Dolphin is happy synthpop, with a propulsive backbeat.

Meteors by CarrotAdventure

Meteors is a happy dancy synthpop song.

Shallow Pool by Jonesisdying

Shallow Pool is a light ambient track, with a sequencer, acoustic guitar, and a singing bowl – which sounds lovely and eerie.

Happy Bunny by ageispolis

Happy Bunny is a fun dance song, with a few layers – a staccato synthetic gamelan, a cosmic boing, and other synths galore. I like its metronomic rhythm.

Airy by dunkadunc

Airy is an instrumental synthpop song, with cold and somewhat piercing synths.

Lean Back by dunkadunc

Lean Back is a lovely, dreamy, layered and instrumental track, with fuzzy synths.

Nightlights by dunkadunc

Nightlights is a sorta synth poppy song. It reminds me of the soundtrack to Drive, with colder synths.

Edit: This is weird: this song isn’t showing up in iTunes for me. I’ll try to dig into the problem later!

Edit: It’s working now.

bitquake 2 by loquacious

bitquake 2 is a lofi electronic song, with rumbly bass and glitch sounds and a nice instrumental flow. Ooh, and metronomic pacing, which I’m pretty fond of.

HighSchoolSweethearts by CarrotAdventure

HighSchoolSweethearts is a happy bouncy synthpop song.

You Can’t Ignore My Techno by COBRA!

You Can’t Ignore My Techno is a chill electronic song, with accents of noisy guitar and that sort of steel-guitar-in-the-desert feel. It’s laid-back, happily noodling along.

Honesty by azarbayejani

Honesty is a minimalistic electronic track – semi-ambient, as it has rhythms, but it’s instrumental and relaxing. It’s good background music.

Are the vocals loud enough? by Zenabi

Are the vocals loud enough? is mellow and instrumental synth-based background music.

tickle by sleepy pete

tickle is a loopy, and instrumental electronica song, with synths and acoustic guitar. It’s got a nice build to it.

Outside #2 by azarbayejani

Outside #2 is a dancier remix of an ambient song. It’s very chill and relaxing. It’s based on “Do While” by Oval, a glitchy loopy track.

parkway by peterkins

parkway is a chilled-out, very mellow, instrumental piece of trip-hop.

Aim by azarbayejani

Aim is a multi-layered ambient electronica piece, which I find soothing.

For Now by onehalfjunco

For Now is a dreamy, soothing, intrumental electronica piece. It’s lovely and chill.

Abstract Placidity by acb

Abstract Placidity is a mellow minimal, nearly ambient electronica song. It’s spacy laid-back instrumental background music.

Edit: It’s acb’s first appearance here!

Africa (Dark Continent Mix) by ropeladder

Africa (Dark Continent Mix) is a noisy techno song, loopy and discordant, with (to quote the description) melodic lines and chord progressions from the song by Toto.

Minnesota Porn inspired remix by Greynaab

Minnesota Porn inspired remix is a bumpin’ trance song. It follows another electronica tune based on Astro Zombie’s “Minnesota Porn” (NSFW).

Syncopia by lord_yo

Syncopia is some nice instrumental electronica. It was called moody and dark in the thread, and I just know that it makes me space out for a couple of minutes whenever I listen to it.

minnesota pr0n by peterkins

minnesota pr0n is a cool electronic song, incorporating a banjo, a lap steel guitar, and double bass. So, bluegrass, electronica, and jazz. It’s … um … an upbeat instrumental song.

Alien Rocket Skateboard Cat by CarrotAdventure

Alien Rocket Skateboard Cat is some relentlessly upbeat synthpoppy electronica.

gallion’s reach by peterkins

gallion’s reach is a dreamy and sedate bit of ambient electronica.

Alone by dunkadunc

Alone is an upbeat instrumental synthpop song, with a kinda clubfooted beat and keyboards with a flexible pitch – which is portamento, the word of the day!

for j by peterkins

for j is a quieter piece; it’s mainly a lap steel guitar, with delay and reverb. It’s meditative and atmospheric.

Eggys or Eyren? by malthas

Eggys or Eyren? is a kind of metronomic song, seemingly driven by clockwork and repeating loops. I like the drum machine, and the looping keyboards. It’s hypnotic and soothing.

Axel F cover sorta by Greynaab

Axel F cover sorta is more of a remix of the theme to Beverly Hills Cop, by Harold Faltermeyer, full of staccato keyboard playing. It’s an upbeat and bouncy synthpop song.

up all night by dunkadunc

up all night is a dreamy synthpop song with a layer of stabbing synths.

Laura Palmer’s Theme by evisceratordeath

Laura Palmer’s Theme is a doom metal cover of Angelo Badalamenti’s song from the “Twin Peaks” soundtrack.

Lady Ghostess Von Frost by gmm

Lady Ghostess Von Frost is an atmospheric, dancy song, with layers and builds. It’s uplifting.

It’s the last song gmm posted, and every single song he posted has been excellent.

Do the Reich thing by onehalfjunco

Do the Reich thing is a loopy electronic synth, with a number of loops drifting in and out of phase. It’s inspired by a Steve Reich piece. I find it relaxing and entrancing.

Broken, soundtrack for the future. by blinks

Broken, soundtrack for the future. is an instrumental electronica track, all tinkly piano. It builds with loops – some soothing strings, and a slow groove bassline, and the piano, and it’s soothing and hypnotic.

never coming back by dunkadunc

never coming back is a rocking electronic song. It would work well as a soundtrack to a racing game.

Energy by azarbayejani

Energy is a dreamy and minimal piece of electronica. It’s spacy and ambient. It has atmosphere and layers that drift out of sync with each other. It’s lovely!

Quantum Shift by Babblesort

Quantum Shift is a mellow and spacy bit of semi-ambient instrumental electronica.

Passing You By by p3t3

Passing You By is a mellow instrumental electronica song, with layers of skittering percussion, whistling synths, and mellow synths. It’s pretty and soothing.

Movie Credits instrumental by Greynaab

Movie Credits instrumental is atmospheric slow spacy spooky instrumental piece. With strings. Sibilance.

Craftwork by cloeburner

Craftwork is “Kraftwerk-esque dubstep.” It’s got the tinny overdriven bass of dub, the wobbly bass of dubstep, and the metronomic and lovely parts of Kraftwerk.

Our Town by Greynaab

Our Town is sort of laid-back video game music – I think it’s pretty, and minimalistic, and the metronomic pace to be entrancing and hypnotic.

This is Greynaab’s first track here!