Monthly Archives: November 2011

Jettison by dirtdirt

Jettison is an indie tune. It’s one of two tracks posted by dirtdirt to Mefi, as the band the Goddamn Handclaps.

You’re Just New by chococat

You’re Just New has somewhat sappy lyrics and cheesy synths, but I think it’s cute.

Some Other Boy/Girl by allaboutgeorge

Some Other Boy/Girl is folk rock, with atmospheric, heavily filtered vocals. I like the staccato bass guitar, the sound of crystal bells or chimes.

Is saying it’s “laid-back” redundant here?

Colonel Roger by chiefbluefeather

Colonel Roger (is a Soldier from the Future) is a catchy and campy synthpop song with a science fiction story. It’s also chiefbluefeather’s first posted song!

ICU by xmutex

ICU is ambient – it seemed nice and soothing for the holiday. Happy Thanksgiving!

Too Much For Me by uncleozzy

Too Much For Me is an awesome big fun rock song.

Ghost by krisken

Ghost is a nice alternative song, with a music box and pulsing and droning guitars and synths.

This is the only song so far that krisken posted to Mefi.

Daniel Day-Lewis by ageispolis

Daniel Day-Lewis is some upbeat electronica – there’s a catchy undertow to the bassy synths.

Misty by chrismear

Misty is an oft-covered jazz classic. This is a lovely take on it, with a piano and an alto sax.

Edit (2012-12-05): The MP3 wasn’t attached. Fixed it, belatedly.

Jesus Loves Techno (porno version) by reklus

Jesus Loves Techno (porno version) is a nice piece of layered techno, sampling a Ron Jeremy video. It is definitely NSFW.

Electroball by spiderwire

Electroball is some funky electronica, with guitar & synths.

Those squealing synths later in the song remind me of jake’s “Sock Patterns.”

i xill coda i.o. brie#D4CC2 by jchgf

Yes, that’s really its unpronounceable name: i xill coda i.o. brie#D4CC2 is soothing, minimalist, spacy, and ambient.

King Of The Road by lothar

I love this song! King Of The Road is another punk, NSFW version of the frequently covered Roger Miller country song. This was posted by lothar as a reaction to hearing uncleozzy’s version, also featured here. In comparison, this one has more fun guitarwork and less pinched vocals.

Plexiglass Afternoon by chasing

Plexiglass Afternoon (Laptop Battle 2007 Version) is a spacy song, sort of minimalist noodly electronica.

This is one of two tracks that chasing has posted to Mefi, and I posted both here; the other is Hydrogen Eyeliner.

I just realized: I posted the 200th song here a couple of weeks ago!

Optimistic by melissa may

Optimistic is layered and textured “electroacoustic” – a cross between electronica and folk rock, befitting the genre-hopping melissa may and sleepy pete (and their pal Feedle). It has evocative lyrics about the loves of a lifetime in an indifferent universe. There’s an astronomy-themed video, involving the vibrant cosmos.

Minutes To Live, Seconds To Die by Brainy

Minutes To Live, Seconds To Die is another surf rock tune from Brainy, whose only other posted track was Monday’s Five Fathoms Down. This is more straight-ahead and quick-moving, short & sweet.

It’s Been So Cold Since We Left Earth by GalaxieFiveHundred

It’s Been So Cold Since We Left Earth is buzzing, spacy, droning, with quietly noodling synths. I like this as background.

Five Fathoms Down by Brainy

Five Fathoms Down is mellow surf rock – like a more contemplative Miserlou.

Brooklyn Cars by andrewraff

Brooklyn Cars is energetic garage pop, with an organ & saxophone. Bouncy & fun!

Charm by Grangousier

Charm is, well, jangly pop. It’s sort of timeless – it reminds me of songs from the 60’s & 90’s, a Brit Pop vibe.

It’s the End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine) by Metafilter Orchestra

It’s the End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine) is a cover of the classic R.E.M. song, as a collaboration involving contributions from over a dozen mefites, carefully edited by goodnewsfortheinsane.

Shoulda Been About Cupcakes by InfidelZombie

Shoulda Been About Cupcakes is an instrumental, primarily on the droning (steel?) guitar.

Would you like vocals with that? es_de_bah contributed some.