Monthly Archives: October 2012

Never Gonna Bring You Down by flatluigi

Never Gonna Bring You Down is a mashup of ELO’s “Don’t Bring Me Down” and Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up.” I like ELO’s stompy bassline.

Happy Halloween!

Slo by sloe

Slo is mostly an ambient, quiet track with guitars – but, it includes some shoegazer-ish guitars in the background.

This is the only song sloe has posted to Mefi Music.

Reason #3 by itchylick

Reason #3 sounds purposeful and has momentum, and it’s dedicated to, well, noodling along happily.

Half Empty Waltz by Karlos the Jackal

Half Empty Waltz is an evocative and sad song, a collaboration with es_de_bah. It feels like autumn and Tom Waits and holidays spent alone.

In the Aeroplane Over the Sea by ford and the prefects

In the Aeroplane Over the Sea is a poppier cover of the Neutral Milk Hotel song.

This is the first appearance here from ford and the prefects.

Metafilter’s Down (And So I Hit F5) by cortex

Metafilter’s Down (And So I Hit F5) is an epic and heartfelt rock ballad to a crashed website.

(Of course the site got up again. You’re never gonna keep it down.)

Chainletter by orville sash

Chainletter is a electronica piece with beeps and boops and it just sort of grooves, noodles, and glides along effortlessly. It’s both orville sash’s first song posted to Metafilter, and posted here!

Folsom Prison Blues by chillmost

Folsom Prison Blues is chillmost’s faithful cover of the classic Johnny Cash tune.

Rainbow Man (Colours Mix) by ageispolis

Rainbow Man (Colours Mix) is an electro / hip-hop mashup – specifically, Busy P’s “Rainbow Man” and Beastie Boys’ “That’s It That’s All.”

Large Hadron Collider Pr0nz (SFW) by 5imian

Large Hadron Collider Pr0nz (SFW) is both breakbeat and chill. It’s instrumental, and it reminds me of an Underworld song – perhaps Tin There.

This is 5imian’s first time on here!

Etude003: Presets Only! by LMGM

Etude003: Presets Only! is a gentle and minimal electronica song, loopy and hypnotic.

It’s LMGM’s first song on here, and his second (and last, to date) song on Mefi Music.

Smallbeat by lord_yo

Smallbeat is a friendly noodly mellow house tune. It’s lord_yo’s first posted song on Mefi Music and on here!

How Jesus is Made or Thank You and Goodnight by tehloki

How Jesus is Made or Thank You and Goodnight is a dreamy electronica shoegazer track.

Wow. We’re nearing the end of tehloki’s catalog on Mefi Music – as I write this, he’s only posted one song after this. I liked hearing new music from him.

Runnin’ With The Songsmith by mrzarquon

There’s a story behind Runnin’ With The Songsmith. Microsoft released Songsmith, software that would take vocals and make up backing music, with frequently unintentionally hilarious results. mrzarquon put it together with the lead vocals from Van Halen’s “Runnin’ with the Devil.” The result is amazingly shambolic and hilarious, though it bears little relation to what humans refer to as “music.” It received attention from outside the site, like from Gizmodo, Stereogum, and the New York Times.

The sliding whistle gets me every time.

Then He Kissed Me (Ultra GAMELAN Mix!) by clcapps

Then He Kissed Me (Ultra GAMELAN Mix!) is poppy, with an organ and gamelan backing the singer. It’s a gender-bending cover of the song by The Crystals.

There’s a War On by es_de_bah

There’s a War On is a grungy punk song, catchy enough to stick in my head.

All I Want Is You by Corduroy

All I Want Is You is a cover of the Barry Louis Polisar song, which popped up in the movie Juno. This is a pretty straightforward cover – it’s folksy, with a banjolele and acoustic guitar. It’s a cute song!

Girl Cave by azarbayejani

Girl Cave is minimal electronica, slowly drifting about a bit – ambient, but with a rhythm; there’s a spoken word sample, but otherwise instrumental. It’s somewhat head-nodding.

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

Bertie (Blissout Mix) by CarrotAdventure

Bertie (Blissout Mix) is a happy, blissed-out & loopy dance remix of a Kate Bush song.

I Don’t Want to be Here by Devils Rancher

I Don’t Want to be Here is a cover of a britpop song by XTC’s Andy Partridge. It’s poppy rock, with some atmospheric guitars, catchy and layered.

I’ll Stab You (for Sumru) by cortex

I’ll Stab You (for Sumru) is a parody of Stevie Wonder’s “I Just Called To Say I Love You,” with lyrics about a specific game of Diplomacy. If you haven’t heard of it, Diplomacy is a board war game of intense scheming and two-faced political alliance-building and backstabbing. The game seems smart and challenging and highly recommended, with some really big caveats.

Where was I? Oh yeah. The song is a decent mimickry of an earnest song, with a piano and nice synth strings in the background.

Graduation Song by txsebastien

Graduation Song is a happy synthpop song about finally graduating. It was posted in late December 2008, so it was much more timely when originally posted.

Says Saturn by god particle

Says Saturn is an upbeat electro dance party kinda song. There’s a beat right out of a New Order song, too.