Monthly Archives: April 2012

Profiling by nthdegx

Profiling is IDM – intelligent dance music – a bit droney and hypnotic / repetitive, but not too ambient for my tastes. It shifts slowly.

Edit, 7pm – The mp3 wasn’t attached. Let’s say this is Tuesday’s entry.

Playing Games by god particle

Playing Games is a short but rocking little chiptune from frequent guest this month, god particle.

Nixon In China by black8

Nixon In China is a smooth, sexy jam, using those damn sexy political references. You know what I’m talking about. Awwww yeah.

[Edit: Huh, this didn’t post this morning. I’ll count this as Thursday’s post.]

Stone Mover by dobie

Stone Mover is a nice & melancholy bit of acoustic indie rock. It has a lovely, shifting atmosphere.

Bob-omb Battlefield by danb

Bob-omb Battlefield is a cover of video game music, specifically from Super Mario N64. It’s not a chiptune, though; it’s done with a couple of acoustic guitars.

Hey Ya by Galvatron

This is an oddly sorta reverent cover of Hey Ya – it’s a melancholy & a cappella rendering of the Outkast song, with harmonizing. Perhaps I should consider it irreverent for departing from the original.

Don’t Talk To The Cops by arcanecrowbar

Don’t Talk To The Cops is a NSFW, educational folk / country song. I like the harmonizing!

Hey, Little Sprout! by sleepy pete

Hey, Little Sprout! is an bouncy and epic bit of childlike joy, from the Harvey Girls (previously)

chinese dragon by kimyo

chinese dragon is some nice, chill trip-hop, from (once again) kimyo and Hot Bitch Arsenal.

We’ve passed Mefi Music’s second birthday, by the way. And wow, this blog won’t run out of music any time soon.

Attack of the Pasta Party Pirates by OverlappingElvis

Attack of the Pasta Party Pirates is a jazzy jam, with quite a few instruments represented: oboe and alto sax are unusual here. Fun!

Concept (Remix) by tmcw

Concept (Remix) is a roaring techno remix of their own, possibly unreleased, rock song.

The Stranger by dobie

The Stranger is slow-paced indie rock – a lofi demo.

Wichita Lineman by bhnyc

Wichita Lineman is a sorta disco / electronica cover of the often-covered country / pop classic, originally written by Jimmy Webb for Glen Campbell.

I’m not too fond of the computerized vocals here, but I really love everything else about it.

Joyride by god particle

Joyride is happy electronica, with a cheesy bouncy synth. (I like farty bassy synths.)

Toys by god particle

This week is mostly bouncy electronica. Let’s start with the upbeat Toys, from god particle, who’s re-appearing this week.

nsbok 0539 by jchgf

nsbok 0539 is minimalist electronica, chill and ambient-ish.

Flashbakk by god particle

Flashbakk is an intricate & awesome techno track, from god particle – it’s sort of his week here so far. Note, the first six seconds are noisy & not like the rest of the track.

Rock n’ roll song (about rock n’ roll) by uncleozzy

Rock n’ roll song (about rock n’ roll) is a very meta rock song about how rock songs about rock rarely rock, but rock songs about those songs can rock – as a case in point, this song. This is uncleozzy’s cover of umbú’s song.

Dammit by tmcw

Dammit is a nice acoustic take on a song by Blink 182, who I don’t usually like.

Scrape the Sky by god particle

Scrape the Sky is a bumping techno track from god particle.