Monthly Archives: May 2013

This Woman’s Work (remix) by CarrotAdventure

This Woman’s Work (remix) is a synthy dance remix of Kate Bush. It’s CarrotAdventure’s second Kate Bush remix here.

Meanest Words by chococat

Meanest Words is a pretty song with some sick burns! It’s a sad acoustic song about a couple fighting, with a melodica. Er. The song is accompanied by a melodica. They’re not fighting with the melodica. Obviously. (cough)

Headless Horseman by Corduroy

Headless Horseman is a wistful ballad, driven by banjolele and guitar. It’s a bit more rocking than the original version by The Microphones.

This is shaping up as a week of remixes and remakes!

Halcyon+off (fm campers remix) by Espoo2

Halcyon+off (fm campers remix) is a remix of the classic Orbital track “Halcyon + On + On” (also note: hey, Orbital’s on SoundCloud!). It’s kind of beautiful dreamy and spacy trance, and it knocks me out every time. And yes I’m probably biased because I love the original so much.

This is the first appearance of Orbital and of Espoo2 on the podcast.

Say When by Karlos the Jackal

Say When is a poppy tale of mismatched yet scrappy love, with upbeat music including the lovely autoharp.

Happy Memorial Day!

Sabotage by man vs sun

Sabotage is sorta a college rock cover of the Beastie Boys song, introducing pheatherwait on bass flute.

Oops, I didn’t publish my draft of this. Let’s say this is the song for tomorrow, too.

Downtown by goodnewsfortheinsane

Downtown is a slow drudge rock version of the 1964 song, written by Tony Hatch, performed by Petula Clark, and covered many, many times. It’s not cheerful, and it’s melancholic and heavy, but not too heavy.

Old Maui by Faint of Butt

Old Maui is a roaring pirate shanty, the second posted here so far.

This is Faint of Butt’s second appearance here; his first was in I am looking for a used car. by mintcake!

Beach Songs by azarbayejani

Beach Songs is a chill instrumental electronica track with a pulsing foreground, similar to Trinity.

HoverBoardzzzz by CarrotAdventure

HoverBoardzzzz is cheerful videogame music – with guitar and noodly synths, it’s upbeat and instrumental electronica.

Barnyard Friends by CarrotAdventure

Barnyard Friends is upbeat and dancy instrumental electronica.

Mister Blister by cloeburner

Mister Blister is an electronica song that’s dense and layered with noodly synths. cloeburner cited Dan Deacon in the description, and I see the influence and love Dan Deacon, so.

A Plankton Affair by gmm

A Plankton Affair is some awesome chill-out instrumental electronica – piano over a sometimes stuttery bassline.

Handlebars by ORthey

Handlebars is a breezy instrumental piece by ORthey, featuring the banjo.

Enemies by sredefer

Enemies is an indie pop song – accordion and mandolin – about the ancient dispute of cat and mouse.

Rum and Lime by Astro Zombie

Rum and Lime is a mellow tropical song, with a kalimba (a.k.a. the thumb piano, previously and mbira) and a marimba. It runs like clockwork.

No More “I Love You’s” (Beautiful Unicorn Remix) by CarrotAdventure

No More “I Love You’s” (Beautiful Unicorn Remix) is a dance remix of the Annie Lennox song, with a nice bassline groove and fun rearranged lyrical samples.

Open by The World Famous

Open is a driving rock song, sort of a dance song with a guitar, in an unusual five-on-the-floor beat instead of the usual four-on-the-floor.

Grand Illusions by sredefer

Grand Illusions is a pleasant indie pop song, with a guy singing with an accordion and banjolele.

Springtime, All At Once by pts

Springtime, All At Once is an instrumental piece, starting with a syncopated orchestral feel, and building to more of a rock song.

It’s the first time pts has appeared on the podcast!

Kalimba Take 2 by sredefer

Kalimba Take 2 is a lovely tune – it has the kalimba / thumb piano for an instrument, some muted claps, harmonizing background vocals, and it’s just all good. That thumb piano’s also known as a mbira, which has appeared in another song on this podcast, by another mefite.

FutureDance by CarrotAdventure

FutureDance is another track from CarrotAdventure, who does great bouncy synthpop / chiptunes. This one’s kinda Italo.