Monthly Archives: February 2012

everything is byte size by kimyo

everything is byte size is another awesome & smooth trip-hop track from kimyo & his band Hot Bitch Arsenal.

Happy leap year!

This Town by kingbenny

This Town is a moving and melancholy folk song.

Solace for King Benny? by freya_lamb

Solace for King Benny? is an uplifting & soothing response to the previous song here, kingbenny’s All My Hearts (Are Belong To You).

All My Hearts (Are Belong To You) by kingbenny

All My Hearts (Are Belong To You) is folk, or old-school laid-back country.

Pretty and Disheveled by Doublewhiskeycokenoice

Pretty and Disheveled is a fun punk rock song!

angelika v3.0 by bitterkitten

angelika v3.0 is electropop, inspired by a spam bot.

(bitterkitten, previously.)

Lied by not_on_display

Lied is mournful folk rock. Those sustained notes are made by a guitar, using an ebow.

When My Baby Was Mine by Karlos the Jackal

When My Baby Was Mine sounds like tragic 1950’s pop, with some extra fuzzy guitar-sounding thing that’s actually an autoharp.

Previously, I posted Karlos the Jackal’s Happy, which I said reminded me of The Magnetic Fields, and having said that of course there’s some similarity here too.

Edelweiss by lothar

Edelweiss is a cheeky punk cover of a song from The Sound of Music.

Cyanotic – Deface (Ad-ver-sary + Dirtybunny = Industrial Strength Mix) by Jairus

Cyanotic – Deface (Ad·ver·sary + Dirtybunny = Industrial Strength Mix) is aggro, stompy, crunchy industrial. A previous song of Jairus’ was here; it’s mellower, but still dark & fun.

I don’t think I’ve said this lately, but I don’t do themes here; I’m posting songs I like in chronological order. The transitions are sometimes more interesting than others.

BRK109B by loquacious

BRK109B is some charming and noodly breaks, electronica from occasional guest loquacious.

Secular Humanist Love Song by Dalton

Secular Humanist Love Song is an alt-rock* ballad (note: one nsfw word in lyrics).

Happy Valentine’s Day!

* or maybe indie pop, I don’t even know

Devils Soiree by mediocre

Devils Soiree is a “70’s style outlaw country song.” I love the steel guitar.

Clab (Vote For Chope 2008) by _aa_

Clab (Vote For Chope 2008) is a sort of hypnotic, intricate, and noodly electronica song. It was made on a PalmOS device, & released under Creative Commons, for sharing & remixing – the tiny source file is still available.

It’s _aa_’s only posted song.

hyperion by kimyo

hyperion is some more lush & chilled out trip-hop from regulars kimyo & his band, Hot Bitch Arsenal.

Fantastische Farben by hellphish

Fantastische Farben is a chiptune song, with instruments from an emulated Commodore 64. It starts simple, but gets rolling a minute in. I like the repeated builds.

So far, this is the only song hellphish has posted.

Snow Girl by ratla

I think Snow Girl is a dance remix of a song from the Russian cartoon, Nu Pogodi. It’s cheesy & fun.

Here’s the original cartoon, with a translation.

Axeitus by tehloki

Axeitus is a bumpin’ techno track from tehloki.

Electro-wank by Evstar

Electro-wank sounds a lot like early New Order – the synths, the guitars, the drums. It’s instrumental, with filtered guitars and synths. It’s sort of dreamlike.

Wasting Time by sparkletone

Wasting Time is hypnotic – it putters along like clockwork. It’s instrumental electronica.

Life Through Veils by Devils Rancher

Life Through Veils is a 80’s/90’s atmospheric and psychedelic rock song. If you like this, you might also like their Shape Shifter.