Monthly Archives: January 2013

Teenage Wasteland by raisindebt

Teenage Wasteland is entertaining indie rock trash talk. It’s not a cover. It’s got an Ezra Pound quote and sample.

Burning December by Corduroy

Burning December is a spare song, a guy and his banjolele. It’s got a vibe of “it’s cold, but don’t worry, I’ll tend to the fire.”

Hallelukulelejah by jhighmore

Hallelukulelejah is a cover of “Hallelujah,” originally by Leonard Cohen and popularized by Jeff Buckley. It’s a great song, covered many, many times. In fact, covering this became the next Music Challenge after this posting – you’ll hear some of the results here in a month or so.

Faithfully by uncleozzy

Faithfully is a gleefully upbeat polka version of a classic rock ballad by Journey.

Seven Nation Army by grubi

Seven Nation Army is a power-pop cover of the White Stripes song, which I love. This cover was inspired by a post about various covers of the song, including a great one by the Flaming Lips.

Second Anniversary!

Two years ago today, I started posting a song a day. Song #500 was posted earlier this month. That’s a lot of music!

I’ve taken the opportunity to clean up a bit here, largely about tags. I tweaked the appearance to show tags near every song. I adjusted old entries, so my email address shouldn’t show up on your mp3 player any more.

There are new tags! I added the errata tag for when I fixed the song after the next one came out, which also has its own podcast feed.[1] I made the one-off tag, for when musicians only ever posted one song, which then made it to this podcast – this might be good for getting a variety of music.

Also, I retroactively added favorites to songs that made the podcast, and made a Metatalk post about the the 2012 installment of the Metafilter Music torrents and also this podcast!

Woot! And now: onwards!

[1] It makes sense to me. My target audience is partially, a lazy alternate version of me who hasn’t listened to all of this yet, but wants all the good stuff, and he’d probably appreciate the heads up.

U by raisindebt

U is an indie rock lovesong for the letter “U.”

Today’s the second anniversary of the podcast! I’ll make a blogpost about it.

Looking at Witches by Jawbones

Looking at Witches really paints a picture of a desolate winter. It’s a folk rock tune – slow and haunting.

Lorem Ipsum by jake

Lorem Ipsum is a great j-pop song – an entirely digital performance except for the guitar and bass. The rest – the choir, the vocals, the other instruments – are made by computer. The lyrics are from some wellknown placeholder text – it’s not grammatical Latin, it’s just meant as visual filler text until the real text arrives.

One More Time by Admira

One More Time is a classical guitar cover of Britney Spears’ “Hit Me Baby One More Time,” from 1998.

Friday by azarbayejani

Friday is a very chill, often ambient, tune from frequent guest azarbayejani. It feels like something winding down.

Model Home by frenetic

Model Home is a fun big dumb techno song from frenetic. It’s dancy synthpop.

Joy In The Morning (Cast Your Stone) by dagosto

Joy In The Morning (Cast Your Stone) is some folk rock that veers toward soul and more of a vocal range than expected. This is dagosto’s first time on the podcast!

APATHY//GOLD by god particle

APATHY//GOLD is a dense techno song. It’s somewhat harshly electronic, and it’s all noodly and trilling and throbbing.

It Was A Great Year (Movies With Robots) by gmm

It Was A Great Year (Movies With Robots) is some really awesome and lovely electronica. It has soaring guitars and a singing fembot.

It Came From Mexico by jhighmore

It Came From Mexico is a flamenco-flavored rock song. It has a definite atmosphere.

Give Up On Us by disillusioned

Give Up On Us is a somewhat folky, indie rock song. Energetic and upbeat music, with kiss-off lyrics.

The Rose by Admira

The Rose is Admira’s classical guitar cover of a Bette Midler song.

Frog versus Toad by The World Famous

To give the full title, Frog versus Toad (Are Part Of A Zombie Bot Army From The Future) is an upbeat techno song that heavily samples Metafilter Podcast, episode 38. It makes the mods both sinister and goofy.

This is the first time I’ve tagged mathowie on here!

Administrative Professionals’ Day by blapst

Administrative Professionals’ Day is, well, a hot dance jam for administrative professionals. It’s humorous and also decent dance music.

This is the only song blapst has posted, and they’ve been inactive for a couple of years now.

Sanbian by nthdegx

Sanbian is an ambient track, just extremely chill.

In the Morning We Awoke by orville sash

In the Morning We Awoke is a spacey electronic song, chill with droning.

Soon by uncleozzy

Soon is a two-chord reverie – strolling along, in a contemplative way. Think of acoustic guitars and scrubbing a washboard. Mellow.

Edit: This is song #500! Woot!

Everything (is on fire) by The Great Big Mulp

Everything (is on fire) is a mellow and interesting song, with beatboxing and a recorder and a kazoo, and then the fire spreads and it melts down.