Monthly Archives: January 2012

Three Miles Away… by [son] QUAALUDE

Three Miles Away… is a rock song, with a female singer rocking the soul vibe. The band’s Fugitive Kind, & this is the only song [son] QUAALUDE has posted to Mefi Music, though they posted a (BitTorrent) album release to Projects.

Stars by uncleozzy

Stars is a power pop song, with an earnest pop intro. I like the shift, and I prefer the power pop.

instrumental by Corduroy

instrumental is a lovely bit of fingerpicking on an acoustic guitar.

Secret Book (Vocal Mix – Redux) by saulgoodman

Secret Book is a mellow indie tune, with saulgoodman’s wife singing over his acoustic guitars. The instrumental version is also available.

piltdown part 7 by sleepy pete

piltdown part 7 is a live jazz song, with some crickets to help set the atmosphere.

The View From Space by god particle

It’s the first birthday (anniversary?) of this podcast!

The View From Space is some upbeat & happy instrumental electronica.

Wasted Hearts by Tlogmer

Wasted Hearts is a laid-back rock / alt-country song, an unhappy love song for the state of Michigan. (Which was abstract enough to pique my curiosity.)

Shelter by Corduroy

Shelter is a pretty song, with just an acoustic guitar & Audrey Johnston’s singing.

Baltimore by cloeburner

Baltimore is Baltimore club music, with lots of looping, assembled on the Nintendo DS – points for style!

Gas Giant by Jimbob

Gas Giant is some chilled-out beats, with droning, slow-moving machines off in the distance.

Monkeys Vs. Plumbers by aleb

Monkeys Vs. Plumbers is an atmospheric mellow song, with the melody carried by chimes. I’d throw it in the “world music” bin, I think.

Subject of the Kill (demo) by de novo dahl

This is the demo version of Subject of the Kill, a rough, lo-fi, and garage rock song. The final pop-rock version was also posted – I liked it less. These two versions are the only songs posted by de novo dahl to date. I should label those – suggestions for a tag, anyone?

I Will Make You Understand by eafarris

I Will Make You Understand is a laid-back electronica track, with a swell organ in the background.

It’s eafarris’s only Mefi music contribution to date.

Zes Haus Hansbilt by tehloki

Zes Haus Hansbilt is a groovy house track from frequent guest tehloki.

When I Was A Baby by notheydo

When I Was A Baby is a lovely & simple folk cover with fairly bizarre lyrics. It’s originally from The Donner Party, which has a calliope running beneath it, and The New Pornographers based an upbeat, cheerful rock song on it.

all rhodes lead to roam by Zampa

all rhodes lead to roam is a glitchy downtempo electronica song. It’s Zampa’s only Mefi song posted to date.

BRK101A by loquacious

BRK101A is minimalist, hypnotic electronica.

She’s a Scientist, Too by tcobretti

She’s a Scientist, Too sounds like mellow college rock to me. tcobretti labelled it psychedelic pop, from his band, The 23rd Century.

Underwater Silent Movie by saulgoodman

Underwater Silent Movie is another nice atmospheric song from previous guests saulgoodman & his band Tangemeenie – they’ve shown up before. It’s got a nice build to it, & it’s nicely evocative for an instrumental song.

Summer Helper by mexican

Summer Helper is an upbeat instrumental song from a jam band.

Louis Collins by c

Louis Collins is a cover of a blues song by Mississippi John Hurt, using a resonator guitar, which brings bluegrass to mind.

The Punisher by cyphill

The Punisher is not what it sounds like – it’s a mellow & wordless acoustic guitar track. Happy new year!