Monthly Archives: July 2011

unhiphop [ar 2] by C.Batt

unhiphop [ar 2] is electronica, with layers of chill and noodling synths, head-bobbing percussion, & glitch.

ripples by advil

ripples has synths that remind me of a Vangelis soundtrack. It starts with calm synths, builds a nice momentum, then mellows out again.

That wraps up the coverage from the first Music Challenge.

When You’re Feeling Thirsty by spacedog

When You’re Feeling Thirsty is a charmingly goofy little paean to water.

Storm by MvE

Storm is a quiet instrumental piece, set during a rainstorm in the desert.

While the Gittin’ is Good by mccreath

While the Gittin’ is Good is surf rock, with the guitar thrown through a punkish distortion pedal.

sailing on right by by kimyo

sailing on right by is dreamy, lush trip-hop, with lovely layers.

I Like Hat by ageispolis

I Like Hat is a catchy song, with beatboxing, synths, and fembot vocals reciting absurd lyrics.

Nested Sorrow by Chocomog

Nested Sorrow is an instrumental piece, featuring a dissonant ukelele.

underwater caves by saulgoodman

underwater caves is a pretty, mellow, and atmospheric song.

Edit: We’re past the first birthday of Mefi Music, and entering the second year now.

Sinaloan Milk Snake Song by escabeche

Sinaloan Milk Snake Song is a cover of a Mountain Goats song, with a different feel entirely – it’s faster, with more instrumentation than the original.

Don’t Let Jessamyn Pick the Themes by micayetoca

Don’t Let Jessamyn Pick the Themes is an instrumental acoustic song, with seagulls. It’s another take on the first Music Challenge, water.

Aquamarine by grubi

Aquamarine is some nice, crunchy powerpop, from grubi, who I’ve featured a couple of times, including some hip-hop just a couple of days ago.

This is the very first song from the very first Metafilter Music Challenge, water.

Fincha cha cha Remixed by PuGZ

Fincha cha cha Remixed is a dancy little song, based around a dorky sample.

Manifesto by grubi

Manifesto is geeky, intelligent rap. I like the rapper’s flow, the chorus, & the background music.

get the door by RobertFrost

get the door soothes me, with a looped acoustic guitar, bells, and circuit bent background noises.

I’ve liked a couple of RobertFrost’s previous songs – bent+acoustic also used circuit bending to good effect.

spanish cakes by nicolin

spanish cakes is a mellow, improvised acoustic guitar piece.

Threnody by milquetoast

Threnody is a punchy, short – three minutes long – rock song.

Owl Creek by danb

Owl Creek manages to convey moods with its acoustic guitar.

Not Anymore by markulus

Not Anymore is a poppy rock song.

American Dreams by ageispolis

American Dreams mixes Rage Against the Machine, Interpol, and Super Mario music, into a dance / hip-hop song.

Happy Fourth of July!

Hopeful Hopeful by tmcw

Hopeful Hopeful uses a loop pedal to make a fugue, so that the guitar’s playing both in the foreground and background.