Monthly Archives: September 2011

Arabesque by epimorph

Arabesque reminds me of going to the Castro Theatre, where David Hegarty plays the organ before and between shows. Using intermission music to mark the start of the weekend seems fitting.

Your Melodies by ORthey

Your Melodies is, as tdismukes notes in the thread, “plaintive and melancholy.” It’s also warm, with banjo and guitar.

a_hallo wee n_ +tre at by ageispolis

a_hallo wee n_ +tre at is a bouncy retro electro treat, with staccato synths, and samples of Christopher Walken.

it can happen to you by ageispolis

it can happen to you slices, loops, and remixes Mozart’s 25th into a mellow hip-hop song.

Foundations by goodnewsfortheinsane

Foundations is a genderbending Kate Nash cover. It’s sort of a neurotic, Livejournal-ish song, with a distinctive voice (and accent).

Gravity by aleb

Gravity is a mellow, layered guitar song.

The Bothered Son and the Phony Ghost by potch

The Bothered Son and the Phony Ghost is a song about personal religious doubt. It turns epic, raucous, and boisterous, like potch’s previous song here, The Next Voice You Hear.

wheels come off (lucid mix) by kimyo

wheels come off (lucid mix) is more solid trip-hop from frequent guests Hot Bitch Arsenal. This Music Challenge involved spooky and Tom Waits.

I’ll Never Forget You by coaster

I’ll Never Forget You is a lovely piano ballad.

The Next Voice You Hear by potch

The Next Voice You Hear is a raucous and boisterous song, from the band A Million Kittens Inc. – awesome name!

musk by 31d1

musk is a pulsing, rather chill, jazzy song. Its creator calls it progressive grime, which might be plausible, but wow, I detest micro-genres.

Pemulis by COBRA!

Pemulis is garage rock. It’s about a character in David Foster Wallace’s “Infinite Jest,” by the band Derailleur, named after a part of a bicycle. This hits my buttons amusingly well.

Eggdrop by strangeguitars

Eggdrop is an bouncy Dixieland song.

right on said jeebus by kimyo

right on said jeebus is smooth trip-hop, and another entry for the “superhero” Music Challenge.

Me Plug In by tehloki

Me Plug In is techno video game music.

It looks like this used to play at a different rate in Flash, but it works better now. It should be 2:22 long.

Thank You by tehloki

Thank You is a noodly and spacy electronica take on an Alanis Morissette song.

Templar by tehloki

Templar is a trancy techno bumping song.

Supergirl by chuckdarwin

Supergirl is an uplifting, harmonizing, & poppy song, a father cheering on his daughter.

This song is from the fourth Mefi Music Challenge, “superhero.”

Stare Into My Drifting Eyes by tehloki

Stare Into My Drifting Eyes is a groovy psychedelic trance song, posted four years ago today.

Let It Go or Give In by pazazygeek

This is the demo of Let It Go or Give In, just a singer and her guitar. As it evolved, pazazygeek posted different versions of it – take 2 and the album version.

Reno Dakota by revfitz

Reno Dakota is a sort of indie rock cover of a Magnetic Fields song.

Illegal But Legitimate by ageispolis

Illegal But Legitimate is quick-moving, noodly drum and bass.