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After the Summer Has Gone by Karlos the Jackal

After the Summer Has Gone is a chamber pop song – think Magnetic Fields, with autoharp and marxophone. It was also part of the “summer song” Music Challenge, but it’s more about how the summer in the past tense.

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Edit: Something’s up on the server – perhaps there are too many songs? I’ve updated software, plugins, and the server type, and it’s working again. I’m leaving this as the song for tomorrow too.

Summer’s Calling (remix) by unSane

Summer’s Calling (remix) is cheerful garage pop rock. It was part of a Music Challenge about summer songs.

Coming up on the podcast this July: Christmas songs!

People Got to Be Free by chococat

People Got to Be Free is a Moog-based 80’s synthpop take on the 1960’s song by The Rascals, like that crossed with the krautrock of Kraftwerk’s “The Model.”

Six is where you take the three and make it two times by ORthey

Six is where you take the three and make it two times is a charming and goofy take on the multiplication table, as part of a Music Challenge. The lyrics are silly! The singing is a bit sad.

Heroin by uncleozzy

Heroin is uncleozzy’s straightforward rock take on the Velvet Underground song.

Femme Fatale by cortex

Femme Fatale is cortex’s piano rock / garage rock cover of the Velvet Underground song. It’s his second shot at it; his first take involved a Christopher Walken impression, which also makes a secret appearance in the background here.

Heroin by chococat

Heroin is a garage rock cover of the Velvet Underground song, primarily singing and a guitar. (Though, there is a high-pitched drone.)

Sunday Morning by micayetoca

Sunday Morning is a mellow Caribbean take on the Velvet Underground song. The string instrument here is the cuatro; the genre is danzon; the whistling and percussion feel organic.

(Saturday Night And) Sunday Morning by MajorDundee

(Saturday Night And) Sunday Morning is an irreverent dancy Eurodisco remix of Sunday Morning, the Velvet Underground song.

European Son by criticalbill

European Son is a slowly shifting and a bit noodly and loopy and fiddly bit of music, with more noise and droning than usual for this podcast. It’s part of the Music Challenge; here’s the original, by the Velvet Underground.

Venus in Furs by dagosto

Venus in Furs is a mellow and jazzy cover of the droning Velvet Underground song. The instrument reminiscent of a steel drum or a xylophone is the mbira, which is new to me.

This is the first of the the Velvet Underground covers Music Challenge (playlist). You’ll be hearing a lot more from this challenge this week.

Halleluyeah! by The World Famous

Halleluyeah! is a glistening 80’s piece of hair metal butt rock. It’s ridiculous and awesome.

Yeah, let’s do a Hallelujah week.

Skallelujah by Jon_Evil

Skallelujah is a ska cover of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah.”

There was a Mefi Music Challenge to cover this song, inspired by Hallelukulelejah (previously on the podcast). I’ll try to not go overboard with it, but I can’t make any promises.

Whispers by dobie

Whispers is a charming lofi folk song, about the aftermath of a nearby car accident, with onlookers and someone who gravitated toward the ready audience. It’s part of an unofficial Music challenge, recorded on a laptop’s built-in microphones.

Shoulda Been About Cupcakes by InfidelZombie

Shoulda Been About Cupcakes is an instrumental, primarily on the droning (steel?) guitar.

Would you like vocals with that? es_de_bah contributed some.

a_hallo wee n_ +tre at by ageispolis

a_hallo wee n_ +tre at is a bouncy retro electro treat, with staccato synths, and samples of Christopher Walken.

right on said jeebus by kimyo

right on said jeebus is smooth trip-hop, and another entry for the “superhero” Music Challenge.

Supergirl by chuckdarwin

Supergirl is an uplifting, harmonizing, & poppy song, a father cheering on his daughter.

This song is from the fourth Mefi Music Challenge, “superhero.”

Green and Long and Mean by cortex

This is an educational song about how (some) snakes are Green and Long and Mean. To be fair, not all snakes are mean; some snakes are very friendly, willing (eager, even) to give full-body hugs.

This concludes the second Music Challenge, snakes.

Edit: Whoops! This was meant for Monday’s post.

Resh Day Lo by sleepy pete

Resh Day Lo is a nifty & layered trip-hop song from The Harvey Girls, the genre-hopping band of sleepy pete & melissa may.

Until You Sever The Snake by flapjax at midnite

Until You Sever The Snake is a bluesy song. It’s the first song here from frequent and awesome Music contributor, flapjax at midnite.

ripples by advil

ripples has synths that remind me of a Vangelis soundtrack. It starts with calm synths, builds a nice momentum, then mellows out again.

That wraps up the coverage from the first Music Challenge.

When You’re Feeling Thirsty by spacedog

When You’re Feeling Thirsty is a charmingly goofy little paean to water.

Storm by MvE

Storm is a quiet instrumental piece, set during a rainstorm in the desert.

sailing on right by by kimyo

sailing on right by is dreamy, lush trip-hop, with lovely layers.

underwater caves by saulgoodman

underwater caves is a pretty, mellow, and atmospheric song.

Edit: We’re past the first birthday of Mefi Music, and entering the second year now.

Don’t Let Jessamyn Pick the Themes by micayetoca

Don’t Let Jessamyn Pick the Themes is an instrumental acoustic song, with seagulls. It’s another take on the first Music Challenge, water.

Aquamarine by grubi

Aquamarine is some nice, crunchy powerpop, from grubi, who I’ve featured a couple of times, including some hip-hop just a couple of days ago.

This is the very first song from the very first Metafilter Music Challenge, water.