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My favorite SXSW tracks

The SXSW music festival features music from hundreds of artists, and I check it all out. If you like this podcast – currently on break – you might like my favorite songs from them, via a Spotify playlist (still in progress), like the one I made last year.

You and San Francisco by unSane

You and San Francisco is a singalong sort of pop rock song, with echoing guitars and harmonizing. And as I live in San Francisco, that shoutout doesn’t hurt!

Today marks the third anniversary of the podcast! I had no idea it would last so long, that I would like so much of Mefi Music, that I’d still be writing these blurbs that simply pale in comparison to the wonderful songs.

For personal reasons, it’s time to put the podcast on hold. It’ll be back when things have settled down a bit. Perhaps in a week or two? No promises.

L’Etoile by malocchio

L’Etoile is a beautifully mellow and ethereal song, with non-verbal vocals.

Nova Dolphin by CarrotAdventure

Nova Dolphin is happy synthpop, with a propulsive backbeat.

Meteors by CarrotAdventure

Meteors is a happy dancy synthpop song.

You Are Somewhere Around Here by jtron

You Are Somewhere Around Here is a remix of a song by the Maybenauts, and it’s largely timestretched: the song is slowed down, which lends the guitars a very heavy sound, like distorted shoegazer guitars.

Duet by Cantdosleepy

Duet is a happy poppy electronic song, not unlike something The Postal Service would do.

The Kids Aren’t Coming by l2p

The Kids Aren’t Coming is a cool punkish song, repetitive but I like the guitar.

Ballad of Steven Slater by cortex

Ballad of Steven Slater is a fun rock song with a subject ripped from the headlines! It’s about a flight attendant who got fed up, walked off the job dramatically, and became a folk hero. A year later, he gave an interview to the Huffington Post, he was in better shape, and avoiding media. Good luck!

Shallow Pool by Jonesisdying

Shallow Pool is a light ambient track, with a sequencer, acoustic guitar, and a singing bowl – which sounds lovely and eerie.

This Was Hardly A Moment by cortex

Romantic comedies have tropes like meet-cutes, and sparks found in a moment of connection. This Was Hardly A Moment is a rock song that takes a look at those tropes and says, “uh, no.” There are songs about love at first sight, and this is like an anti-love song.

After the Summer Has Gone by Karlos the Jackal

After the Summer Has Gone is a chamber pop song – think Magnetic Fields, with autoharp and marxophone. It was also part of the “summer song” Music Challenge, but it’s more about how the summer in the past tense.

Edit: The feed isn’t updating. I’m checking it out.

Edit: Something’s up on the server – perhaps there are too many songs? I’ve updated software, plugins, and the server type, and it’s working again. I’m leaving this as the song for tomorrow too.

Viral by Babblesort

Viral is some relatively spare electronica, with a synth line and percussion; it works as background music, or a soundtrack. It sort of rolls along.

It samples a speech from “The Matrix” and a commentary for “Brazil.”

Listen to Your Heart by dacre

Listen to Your Heart is a clubby dance song, with pulsing synths, autotuned vocals, and a piano outdo. It’s like a muscular and relentless steamroller. It’s fun and ridiculous.

The original version, by Roxette, is a pop ballad. It’s really sedate by comparison.

Summer’s Calling (remix) by unSane

Summer’s Calling (remix) is cheerful garage pop rock. It was part of a Music Challenge about summer songs.

Coming up on the podcast this July: Christmas songs!

Waltz #2 by chococat

Waltz #2 is a pretty if downbeat acoustic ballad, with lovely harmonizing.

It’s a cover of a Elliott Smith tune. The lyrics, and the biographical details behind them, are dark.

Sin and Vice Vice by l2p

Sin and Vice Vice is a lovely bit of garage rock with a 60’s vibe. It’s l2p’s first time on the podcast.

Happy New Year!

Edit: Whoops, I put down 2013. This will be tomorrow’s song too!