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Today by willc

Today is a goofy little, slightly disjointed, sorta-college rock song, with absurdist (and not entirely work-safe) lyrics, and music including a ukelele and drum machine. And, I think, a bass guitar groove.

It’s willc’s first time on the podcast, with the latest song he’s posted.

Paulina by keithburgun

Paulina is a college rock tune, with an opening that sounds like Don Knotts as Orville Redenbacher, and lyrics including a superhero rat and Mouse Hitler.

Little Donut Party by uncleozzy

Little Donut Party is a happy bouncy goofy catchy short synthpop song.

Revenge by The Great Big Mulp

Revenge is a very orchestratedly odd song, with the first mentions so far of “mayonnaise” & “dodecahedral.” It feels like a decent song to end the week with.