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Waltz #2 by chococat

Waltz #2 is a pretty if downbeat acoustic ballad, with lovely harmonizing.

It’s a cover of a Elliott Smith tune. The lyrics, and the biographical details behind them, are dark.

womankind by edlundart

womankind is a slow and sincere ballad to the awesomeness of women. It’s acoustic; melodica, piano, and the lap steel that I love.

Trampoline by chillmost

Trampoline is an acoustic ballad. I love the sound of the guitar here – it sounds like a steel guitar, with the reverb that makes me think of the desert.

Killing All My Friends by Jon-A-Thon

Killing All My Friends is a slow murder ballad, then pop song / “James Bond soundtrack” – which helps defuse the lyrical oddity.

Half Empty Waltz by Karlos the Jackal

Half Empty Waltz is an evocative and sad song, a collaboration with es_de_bah. It feels like autumn and Tom Waits and holidays spent alone.

Metafilter’s Down (And So I Hit F5) by cortex

Metafilter’s Down (And So I Hit F5) is an epic and heartfelt rock ballad to a crashed website.

(Of course the site got up again. You’re never gonna keep it down.)

Young Devin Funck by cortex

Young Devin Funck was a twelve-year-old boy who tangled with a ten-foot-long alligator, and lived to tell the tale. Astro Zombie wrote poetry, and cortex did his best Johnny Cash.

Candyland by platinum

Candyland is a “country rock power ballad,” which doesn’t fit my usual genres, but it’s catchy enough to stick in my head a bit, so here it is.

Secular Humanist Love Song by Dalton

Secular Humanist Love Song is an alt-rock* ballad (note: one nsfw word in lyrics).

Happy Valentine’s Day!

* or maybe indie pop, I don’t even know

Louis Collins by c

Louis Collins is a cover of a blues song by Mississippi John Hurt, using a resonator guitar, which brings bluegrass to mind.

I’ll Never Forget You by coaster

I’ll Never Forget You is a lovely piano ballad.