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bitquake 2 by loquacious

bitquake 2 is a lofi electronic song, with rumbly bass and glitch sounds and a nice instrumental flow. Ooh, and metronomic pacing, which I’m pretty fond of.

The Same Four Chords by ZsigE

The Same Four Chords is a sweet song about the process of trying to write a lovesong. It’s indie pop, with harmonica and ukelele.

Looking at Things, Doing Stuff by dagosto

Looking at Things, Doing Stuff is a quiet poppy rock song, with a chill desert atmosphere to the guitar.

Skallelujah by Jon_Evil

Skallelujah is a ska cover of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah.”

There was a Mefi Music Challenge to cover this song, inspired by Hallelukulelejah (previously on the podcast). I’ll try to not go overboard with it, but I can’t make any promises.

Shutterbug by ludwig_van

Shutterbug is a pop song about grabbing the all-too-ephemeral moment.

Attack of the Pasta Party Pirates by OverlappingElvis

Attack of the Pasta Party Pirates is a jazzy jam, with quite a few instruments represented: oboe and alto sax are unusual here. Fun!

‘Til We’re Dead by inoculatedcities

‘Til We’re Dead is a lovely indie pop song, with harmonizing backup vocals, a Hammond organ, and a celesta. And then some odd lyrics, including “just to keep our brains inside our heads,” which lyrics – along with the general melody – got stuck in my head, as earworms do.

This is song #300 here!

Afternoon Date by blinks

Afternoon Date is an instrumental piece – it’s laid-back & mellow, but with an lovely & slow build.

piltdown part 7 by sleepy pete

piltdown part 7 is a live jazz song, with some crickets to help set the atmosphere.

badge of hope by kimyo

badge of hope is more lovely and bassy trip-hop from kimyo & his band, frequent guests Hot Bitch Arsenal.

Edit, 2012-12-06 – Whoops, I forgot the mp3. Fixed!