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Jeff Buckley’s Ozark Melody by joetrip

Jeff Buckley’s Ozark Melody is a goofy bluegrass song about aliens, which is a lot more fun than I expected, really. I’m happily surprised that a mefite worked with Jeff Buckley.

The Plan by Baby_Balrog

The Plan is an upbeat bluegrass song, which sounds like it was an utter blast to record.

You Still Look Like You Did Before by chococat

You Still Look Like You Did Before is a bluegrass song, with upbeat music, melancholy lyrics, harmonizing backup vocals, and banjo by ORthey.

I’m surprised that it’s not the only song with the tags bluegrass or washboard, considering what I thought I knew about my music tastes when I started this podcast.

Whiskey Pearl by mediocre

Whiskey Pearl is a fun acoustic bluegrass tune, with the focus on intricate banjo work.