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In the Morning We Awoke by orville sash

In the Morning We Awoke is a spacey electronic song, chill with droning.

Mountains by azarbayejani

Mountains is another electronica track with trilling dronish synths, which remind me of Dan Deacon. It feels catchy and danceable to me – it’s happy and triumphant with a nice build.

I’ll just use “trilling” as the applicable tag.

No Tomorrow by nanojath

No Tomorrow is experimental rock – it’s driven by noodly synths, which remind me of Dan Deacon. It’s got a noisy drone, but I like the progression. It’s nanojath’s first appearance on the podcast.

Slo by sloe

Slo is mostly an ambient, quiet track with guitars – but, it includes some shoegazer-ish guitars in the background.

This is the only song sloe has posted to Mefi Music.

Create (original mix) by dunkadunc

Create (original mix) is a dancy, spacy, and droney bit of instrumental electronica.

Flying Moby Attack by chillmost

Flying Moby Attack is droning space rock.

While the name suggests a bald musician gliding above the ground in an attack position, or an enemy from Zelda II, it’s meant to suggest a cross between the lo-fi space rock of Flying Saucer Attack and the electronica of Moby.

Untitled in 5 by buriednexttoyou

Untitled in 5 is droning electronica, with an acoustic guitar.