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Randomly Riding the Bearded Python by Cat Pie Hurts

Randomly Riding the Bearded Python is this sorta rock electro techno thing, with noodly synths and guitars played with ponderous speed.

Rainbow Man (Colours Mix) by ageispolis

Rainbow Man (Colours Mix) is an electro / hip-hop mashup – specifically, Busy P’s “Rainbow Man” and Beastie Boys’ “That’s It That’s All.”

Says Saturn by god particle

Says Saturn is an upbeat electro dance party kinda song. There’s a beat right out of a New Order song, too.

Teens In Love In Space by CarrotAdventure

Teens In Love In Space is a happy electropop tune – lots of synths.

Shut Up, Throw Up (Your Hands) by god particle

Shut Up, Throw Up (Your Hands) is just this catchy and fun techno/electro song, fuzzy synth, danciness and all.

There’s a Party in My Head by god particle

There’s a Party in My Head is a bouncy electropop tune – it’s got what I think is a ring modulator effect running on one layer, which makes it a somewhat fuzzy, somewhat harsh electronic aspect, but I’m at home here. It’s nearly entirely instrumental; there are some spoken samples midway through.

2 WINTERCUTS by ageispolis

2 WINTERCUTS is sorta two tracks, but I prefer to think of it as having a two-minute intro. :) They’re instrumental except for samples – first, some constantly shifting electro, and second, some head-bobbing electronica, with smooth synths and staccato drums.

(all hype) by ageispolis

(all hype) is a slamming dance track. It’s all bass and tight loops and equalizer-fading, more than a little like Daft Punk, for example.

a_hallo wee n_ +tre at by ageispolis

a_hallo wee n_ +tre at is a bouncy retro electro treat, with staccato synths, and samples of Christopher Walken.

Burn The Bridges to the Shores by Quartermass

Burn The Bridges to the Shores is a new wave / electro call for drastic action. Make your move while there’s still time!

awescillate by C.Batt

awescillate is an aggressive electro track. It’s sorta obnoxious & repetitious, but, well, I like it.

Bang Camaro – Push Push (DJ Die Young Bootleg Mix) by djamiem

DJ Die Young’s remix of Bang Camaro’s Push Push provides an energetic, electro start to the week.