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up all night by dunkadunc

up all night is a dreamy synthpop song with a layer of stabbing synths.

Everybody (Turn The Beat Up) by clcapps

Everybody (Turn The Beat Up) is an autotuned electropop song.

plastic people by dunkadunc

plastic people is an electropop song, a bit fuzzy and chiptune-ish.

Flesh & Bone by saulgoodman

Flesh & Bone is jangly electropop – atmospheric, and very 80’s, in a fun and dancy way.

Teens In Love In Space by CarrotAdventure

Teens In Love In Space is a happy electropop tune – lots of synths.

Create (original mix) by dunkadunc

Create (original mix) is a dancy, spacy, and droney bit of instrumental electronica.

There’s a Party in My Head by god particle

There’s a Party in My Head is a bouncy electropop tune – it’s got what I think is a ring modulator effect running on one layer, which makes it a somewhat fuzzy, somewhat harsh electronic aspect, but I’m at home here. It’s nearly entirely instrumental; there are some spoken samples midway through.

Aw Yeah (demo) by god particle

Aw Yeah (demo) is an electropop dance song, with crunchy synths. Very bouncy and aggressive!

angelika v3.0 by bitterkitten

angelika v3.0 is electropop, inspired by a spam bot.

(bitterkitten, previously.)

wound by bitterkitten

Wound is a quirky, offbeat electropop song.