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Jeff Buckley’s Ozark Melody by joetrip

Jeff Buckley’s Ozark Melody is a goofy bluegrass song about aliens, which is a lot more fun than I expected, really. I’m happily surprised that a mefite worked with Jeff Buckley.

Little Donut Party by uncleozzy

Little Donut Party is a happy bouncy goofy catchy short synthpop song.

Colonel Roger by chiefbluefeather

Colonel Roger (is a Soldier from the Future) is a catchy and campy synthpop song with a science fiction story. It’s also chiefbluefeather’s first posted song!

Green and Long and Mean by cortex

This is an educational song about how (some) snakes are Green and Long and Mean. To be fair, not all snakes are mean; some snakes are very friendly, willing (eager, even) to give full-body hugs.

This concludes the second Music Challenge, snakes.

Edit: Whoops! This was meant for Monday’s post.

The Imlovence (of My Heart) by The Great Big Mulp

The Imlovence (of My Heart) is an offbeat snapshot of a specific moment, though it’s sad that it takes a derogatory stance against “nonexistent” words.

When You’re Feeling Thirsty by spacedog

When You’re Feeling Thirsty is a charmingly goofy little paean to water.

Revenge by The Great Big Mulp

Revenge is a very orchestratedly odd song, with the first mentions so far of “mayonnaise” & “dodecahedral.” It feels like a decent song to end the week with.

Scooby Doo by cortex

Scooby Doo is a goofy beatboxing song, built around the phrases “Scooby Doo” & “Eric’s, Eric’s, Eric’s mom.”

Worse Than Pop – We Can Clone Knight Rider Fans, We Have the Techno by Eideteker

Worse Than Pop – We Can Clone Knight Rider Fans, We Have the Techno is a cover of the Knight Rider theme song, using beatboxing instead of instruments.

Edit, 2012-03-14 – The inline player isn’t working for this song, but the download seems fine. I don’t know what’s up here.