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Waltz #2 by chococat

Waltz #2 is a pretty if downbeat acoustic ballad, with lovely harmonizing.

It’s a cover of a Elliott Smith tune. The lyrics, and the biographical details behind them, are dark.

Cold Dip by Corduroy

Cold Dip is a cool folksy acoustic song, with harmonizing. I find it pleasantly relaxing.

Time To Get Up by Corduroy

Time To Get Up is a beautiful and epic sort of acoustic indie pop song, with a great build, both sorta downbeat yet determined to keep going, with some cool harmonizing.

Kalimba Take 2 by sredefer

Kalimba Take 2 is a lovely tune – it has the kalimba / thumb piano for an instrument, some muted claps, harmonizing background vocals, and it’s just all good. That thumb piano’s also known as a mbira, which has appeared in another song on this podcast, by another mefite.

Happy [Tenth] Birthday, Metafilter by cortex

Happy [Tenth] Birthday, Metafilter is a bluesy piano pop lovesong to Mefi. There’s an acoustic guitar and cortex harmonizing with himself.

The Shape of Water by allaboutgeorge

The Shape of Water is a really minimal song – for the most part, singing and an acoustic guitar. It’s mellow and pretty.

Don’t Talk To The Cops by arcanecrowbar

Don’t Talk To The Cops is a NSFW, educational folk / country song. I like the harmonizing!

My Fire by pedmands

My Fire is a simple & clean classic pop song, harmonizing & mellow.