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Best of the Web by ocherdraco

Oh! My! Gawd! Becky! Best of the Web is ocherdraco’s ode to Metafilter, sung over “Baby Got Back” by Sir Mix-a-Lot, the hip-hop anthem for big butts.

Benny Ain’t a Thang by orville sash

Benny Ain’t a Thang is a hip-hop and pop-jazz mashup – “Money Ain’t a Thang” by Jay-Z and “Yakety Sax” by Boots Randolph, well-known as “The Benny Hill Song.” It’s NSFW and bouncy and happy and oh yes an earworm.

Thank You by sputgop

Thank You is just a fun and cool hip-hop song.

Rainbow Man (Colours Mix) by ageispolis

Rainbow Man (Colours Mix) is an electro / hip-hop mashup – specifically, Busy P’s “Rainbow Man” and Beastie Boys’ “That’s It That’s All.”

Out of Gas by Sir Mildred Pierce

Out of Gas is a really lovely song, soulful and trip-hop. I really love this!

Punch ‘Em In The Dick by mediocre

The release of the instant classic Punch ‘Em In The Dick was a momentous and historic occasion for Metafilter Music. It’s a NSFW hip-hop track, with a deceptively dumb sound and topic and funny lyrics – “scrotum? I damn near killed ’em!” It made it into the Mefi sideblog (a first for a Mefi Music song!), the Mefi podcast, & it was made into a ringtone.

If you haven’t heard it, give it a verse or two; it’s a really smart song for being so lowbrow.

As appropriate: Happy Memorial Day or Punch Monday in the dick, y’all!

Manifesto by grubi

Manifesto is geeky, intelligent rap. I like the rapper’s flow, the chorus, & the background music.

American Dreams by ageispolis

American Dreams mixes Rage Against the Machine, Interpol, and Super Mario music, into a dance / hip-hop song.

Happy Fourth of July!

The Biggie Blues by ageispolis

The Biggie Blues is fun hip-hop, remixing Notorious B.I.G. with glitchy samples.