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Bad Romance by ZsigE

Bad Romance is a one-man indie pop ukelele and synth cover of the Lady Gaga song, which I now recognize prefigures a couple of elements of Miley Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball video – namely, some nudity and the crying close-ups. Is this a stretch? Sure it is, but I felt like linking the Chatroulette version of the video. It’s like an early Christmas gift!

running into by IngeChiles

running into is a lovely and minimal song – just IngeChiles singing with her ukelele.

Jesus Buys Me Cigarettes by RokkitNite

Jesus Buys Me Cigarettes is a jaunty ukelele-backed tune about the teenaged hijinks of Jesus.

Drunk Again by cortex

Drunk Again is a weightless indie pop tune, vibrophone and ukelele just floating along. It’s about the “feeling no pain” part of drinking and wallowing. It’s another track off his “make an album in a month” project, Inchoatery.

My Favorite Sunbeam’s Gone Away by Karlos the Jackal

My Favorite Sunbeam’s Gone Away is a happy and bouncy song with morose lyrics, which Karlos the Jackal always does so well.

Time To Get Up by Corduroy

Time To Get Up is a beautiful and epic sort of acoustic indie pop song, with a great build, both sorta downbeat yet determined to keep going, with some cool harmonizing.

Mr Brightside by andysouthrop

Mr Brightside is an acoustic-ish relatively twee indie pop cover of the indie rock song by The Killers.

This is andysouthrop’s only posted song, and his only comments are on the thread for the song.

Affording Good Beheadings by cortex

Affording Good Beheadings is a poppy song in part about ritual suicide, backed by a ukelele and with backup singing also by cortex.

It’s Mefi Music song #4000!

Enemies by sredefer

Enemies is an indie pop song – accordion and mandolin – about the ancient dispute of cat and mouse.

Arms and Hands by Karlos the Jackal

Arms and Hands is an indie pop song, with an accordion and lots of keyboards.

The Fauna and The Flora Are Too Closely Allied by sconbie

The Fauna and The Flora Are Too Closely Allied is a somewhat laidback indie pop song about wasting time and making it out of your hometown before it’s too late.

In A Room by inoculatedcities

In A Room is a Britpop tune, a cover of The House of Love’s 1990 song. It’s got the shoegaze tag, but it lacks the overdriven guitar in the foreground with distorted effects that I associate with shoegazer. It’s more indie pop and alternative rock.

Hey, Little Sprout! by sleepy pete

Hey, Little Sprout! is an bouncy and epic bit of childlike joy, from the Harvey Girls (previously)

Secular Humanist Love Song by Dalton

Secular Humanist Love Song is an alt-rock* ballad (note: one nsfw word in lyrics).

Happy Valentine’s Day!

* or maybe indie pop, I don’t even know