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Summer Jam by raisindebt

Summer Jam is a chill, minimal indie song about summer jams.

Burning December by Corduroy

Burning December is a spare song, a guy and his banjolele. It’s got a vibe of “it’s cold, but don’t worry, I’ll tend to the fire.”

I Knew the Bride When She Used to Rock’n’Roll by Karlos the Jackal

I Knew the Bride When She Used to Rock’n’Roll is like a Magnetic Fields outtake; deliberate pace, bass singing, and unusual instruments – Marxophone and autoharp.

The original versions are by Nick Lowe and also by Dave Edmunds, and they’re rockabilly or roots rock.

Secret Book (Vocal Mix – Redux) by saulgoodman

Secret Book is a mellow indie tune, with saulgoodman’s wife singing over his acoustic guitars. The instrumental version is also available.

on and on and on by edlundart

on and on and on is a political, minimal, melancholy, and ethereal song.

Ghost by krisken

Ghost is a nice alternative song, with a music box and pulsing and droning guitars and synths.

This is the only song so far that krisken posted to Mefi.

Faster Peach by melissa may

Faster Peach is a sorta shoegazer, poppy song from The Harvey Girls, previously.

King of Flesh and Bone by saulgoodman

King of Flesh and Bone is an indie rock song with introspective lyrics about the impulse to tear down. It’s from saulgoodman’s band Tangemeenie, who previously appeared here for underwater caves, a mellow atmospheric song. I like their genre-hopping – they’ll be here again.

Supergirl by chuckdarwin

Supergirl is an uplifting, harmonizing, & poppy song, a father cheering on his daughter.

This song is from the fourth Mefi Music Challenge, “superhero.”

Reno Dakota by revfitz

Reno Dakota is a sort of indie rock cover of a Magnetic Fields song.

I Am John by goodnewsfortheinsane

I Am John is a pretty acoustic cover from goodnewsfortheinsane, originally from Loney Dear. It’s the first song here tagged with melodica or glockenspiel.

Threnody by milquetoast

Threnody is a punchy, short – three minutes long – rock song.

Invocation by sparkletone

Invocation is a garage rock song, a demo missing lyrics – fun!

Hats, Caps and Notions by joe lisboa

Hats, Caps and Notions is just this indie powerpop song, you know?