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mermaid by peterkins

mermaid is a lovely and sedate jazz song. Picture seeing a chanteuse in a lounge.

graffiti song by es_de_bah

graffiti song is a loungey laidback jazz bit with lyrics that seem jazzy in their stream of consciousness. I like the kazoo.

Venus in Furs by dagosto

Venus in Furs is a mellow and jazzy cover of the droning Velvet Underground song. The instrument reminiscent of a steel drum or a xylophone is the mbira, which is new to me.

This is the first of the the Velvet Underground covers Music Challenge (playlist). You’ll be hearing a lot more from this challenge this week.

Mr Slug goes back to hell 2009 by fuq

Mr Slug goes back to hell 2009 has atmosphere like it’s nonobtrusively looping in the background of a quiet jazz lounge.

Cephalopod by lothar

Cephalopod is an educational jazz tune with scientific lyrics about squid.

As a heads-up, the thread about the song has some brilliant and/or painful puns about fishes and music.

Attack of the Pasta Party Pirates by OverlappingElvis

Attack of the Pasta Party Pirates is a jazzy jam, with quite a few instruments represented: oboe and alto sax are unusual here. Fun!

piltdown part 7 by sleepy pete

piltdown part 7 is a live jazz song, with some crickets to help set the atmosphere.

Misty by chrismear

Misty is an oft-covered jazz classic. This is a lovely take on it, with a piano and an alto sax.

Edit (2012-12-05): The MP3 wasn’t attached. Fixed it, belatedly.

My Dancing May Assassinate by ageispolis

My Dancing May Assassinate is a noodly, head-bobbing, minimal, and chill piece of jazz electronica.

musk by 31d1

musk is a pulsing, rather chill, jazzy song. Its creator calls it progressive grime, which might be plausible, but wow, I detest micro-genres.

workshop by nicolin

Bonus track! The song that went up on Saturday should have been posted today.

workshop is a big band jazz song or three.

heir to the would-have-beens by waxboy

heir to the would-have-beens is a jazzy, instrumental piece.