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Heart of Glass by cortex

Heart of Glass is an awesomely eclectic cover of the 1970’s disco Blondie tune: it features “acoustic guitar, ukulele, mandolin, piano, jazz organ, vibes, panflute, synth vox, drumset, a couple of bean shakers, tone blocks, clapping-and-stomping-in-the-bathroom, kazoo, and at least three vox takes.” It manages to perch just on the edge of falling apart, which is a really fun and interesting place for music. It sounds like a party, though it’s all by one guy.

Don’t Stop Kazooin’ by cortex

Don’t Stop Kazooin’ is a gleeful kazoo quartet cover of Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin’.” I love cortex’s happily lofi covers, can you tell? Tomorrow will be different.

Robot Ninja Zombie Bear by davejay

Robot Ninja Zombie Bear imitates the sound of a 1960s novelty song – special effects samples, kazoos, and harmonizing background vocals. It sounds like a theme song, and it’s got a surf rock rhythm section.

graffiti song by es_de_bah

graffiti song is a loungey laidback jazz bit with lyrics that seem jazzy in their stream of consciousness. I like the kazoo.

Everything (is on fire) by The Great Big Mulp

Everything (is on fire) is a mellow and interesting song, with beatboxing and a recorder and a kazoo, and then the fire spreads and it melts down.

Zillion by The Great Big Mulp

Zillion is a cover of a song from a Sega game, with new lyrics. I love all the instruments – a kazoo, a toy piano, a trumpet, and a reed organ – and the unexpected melancholic mood of it all.

Happy Birthday, Mom! by The Great Big Mulp

Happy Birthday, Mom! is a fun song, incorporating kazoo, recorder, toy piano, and a ukulele.

Tsunami by jlowen

Tsunami is a disorderly, drunken, & catchy song including a banjo, a cheesy synth, an accordion, and a kazoo.