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Are the vocals loud enough? by Zenabi

Are the vocals loud enough? is mellow and instrumental synth-based background music.

Quantum Shift by Babblesort

Quantum Shift is a mellow and spacy bit of semi-ambient instrumental electronica.

Together (You are not alone) by sputgop

Together (You are not alone) is a mellow, loopy, and uplifting electronica track, which samples “I Am Legend” in a slightly ironic way.

chinese dragon by kimyo

chinese dragon is some nice, chill trip-hop, from (once again) kimyo and Hot Bitch Arsenal.

We’ve passed Mefi Music’s second birthday, by the way. And wow, this blog won’t run out of music any time soon.

Wave by stubby phillips

Wave is a very mellow acoustic song. It’s fairly simple, and not overly intricate.

Secret Book (Vocal Mix – Redux) by saulgoodman

Secret Book is a mellow indie tune, with saulgoodman’s wife singing over his acoustic guitars. The instrumental version is also available.

Monkeys Vs. Plumbers by aleb

Monkeys Vs. Plumbers is an atmospheric mellow song, with the melody carried by chimes. I’d throw it in the “world music” bin, I think.

Episode v1.0 by deusdiabolus

Episode v1.0 is a jazzy, head-bobbing mellow synth song.

vamp by nicolin

Vamp is a quiet and soothing instrumental piece.

Its creator thought it sounded overly like a softcore porn soundtrack, but I think it could use a little bit more, maybe a pulsing saxophone, a squealing guitar solo, or a honking bicycle horn. What do you think?

rabo de nube by nicolin

rabo de nube is a lovely, very mellow cover of a song by Silvio Rodríguez.