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Physical by naju

Physical is a dirge-like dance / noise cover of the Olivia Newton-John pop song. I like the subterranean baseline.

Africa (Dark Continent Mix) by ropeladder

Africa (Dark Continent Mix) is a noisy techno song, loopy and discordant, with (to quote the description) melodic lines and chord progressions from the song by Toto.

Mountains by azarbayejani

Mountains is another electronica track with trilling dronish synths, which remind me of Dan Deacon. It feels catchy and danceable to me – it’s happy and triumphant with a nice build.

I’ll just use “trilling” as the applicable tag.

Trust in You (Old Mix) by dunkadunc

Trust in You (Old Mix) is a shoegazer track – lots of echoing, fuzzy, and overamped guitars, with a synth melody. Play it loud!