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14 Candles by Jon-A-Thon

14 Candles is a lovely, slow, and lush acoustic pop song, and I love the vocals and the piano.

never coming back by dunkadunc

never coming back is a rocking electronic song. It would work well as a soundtrack to a racing game.

Downtown by goodnewsfortheinsane

Downtown is a slow drudge rock version of the 1964 song, written by Tony Hatch, performed by Petula Clark, and covered many, many times. It’s not cheerful, and it’s melancholic and heavy, but not too heavy.

Venus in Furs by dagosto

Venus in Furs is a mellow and jazzy cover of the droning Velvet Underground song. The instrument reminiscent of a steel drum or a xylophone is the mbira, which is new to me.

This is the first of the the Velvet Underground covers Music Challenge (playlist). You’ll be hearing a lot more from this challenge this week.

sing for him by greenish

sing for him has a lovely and warm atmosphere; it’s a hymn, with an organ and a guitar providing backing for her vocals.

Hallelujah! (So Very NSFW Mix) by askmeaboutLOOM

Hallelujah! (So Very NSFW Mix) has first-rate music – a choir! an organ! – and really, really sexual lyrics.

This concludes Hallelujah Week. Probably.

Edit: Whoops, I forgot to attach the MP3. Fixed!

Then She Begins … by The Great Big Mulp

Then She Begins … is another short rock song, packing a lot in despite that – some unusual instruments appear, including an electric ukelele, a toy piano, a reed organ, and a trumpet.

Underwater Silent Movie by saulgoodman

Underwater Silent Movie is another nice atmospheric song from previous guests saulgoodman & his band Tangemeenie – they’ve shown up before. It’s got a nice build to it, & it’s nicely evocative for an instrumental song.

404 by edlundart

404 is a sedate and experimental song, with an organ, a xylophone, and soft noise.

Five Fathoms Down by Brainy

Five Fathoms Down is mellow surf rock – like a more contemplative Miserlou.

Brooklyn Cars by andrewraff

Brooklyn Cars is energetic garage pop, with an organ & saxophone. Bouncy & fun!

Arabesque by epimorph

Arabesque reminds me of going to the Castro Theatre, where David Hegarty plays the organ before and between shows. Using intermission music to mark the start of the weekend seems fitting.