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Bathe Your Children by doubtfulpalace

Bathe Your Children is a goofy cover of the Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young song, “Teach Your Children,” as a parody with nonsensical lyrics.

Insomnia sure makes weird things happen. To insomnia!

Runnin’ With The Songsmith by mrzarquon

There’s a story behind Runnin’ With The Songsmith. Microsoft released Songsmith, software that would take vocals and make up backing music, with frequently unintentionally hilarious results. mrzarquon put it together with the lead vocals from Van Halen’s “Runnin’ with the Devil.” The result is amazingly shambolic and hilarious, though it bears little relation to what humans refer to as “music.” It received attention from outside the site, like from Gizmodo, Stereogum, and the New York Times.

The sliding whistle gets me every time.

I’ll Stab You (for Sumru) by cortex

I’ll Stab You (for Sumru) is a parody of Stevie Wonder’s “I Just Called To Say I Love You,” with lyrics about a specific game of Diplomacy. If you haven’t heard of it, Diplomacy is a board war game of intense scheming and two-faced political alliance-building and backstabbing. The game seems smart and challenging and highly recommended, with some really big caveats.

Where was I? Oh yeah. The song is a decent mimickry of an earnest song, with a piano and nice synth strings in the background.

Christmas Rhapsody by doubtfulpalace

Christmas Rhapsody is an ambitious, hilarious, and pretty amazing holiday-related parody of Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody.”

Sgt. Pepper 2.0 by cortex

Sgt. Pepper 2.0 is a Metafilter-centric parody of the Beatles’ “A Day in the Life,” put together by cortex, using lyrics from It’s Raining Florence Henderson.

Note: cortex pronounces “LOL” as “lohl,” not (as I thought) “lawl.”

What If God Wanted Pasta Sauce by sparkletone

What If God Wanted Pasta Sauce is a very earnest-sounding spoof of Joan Osborne’s “One Of Us,” about the Flying Spaghetti Monster and Pastafarianism.

As an aside, using subjunctive voice, the original lyric should be “what if God were one of us,” not “was.” Performing the corrected version at karaoke (as a Militant Grammarian) struck my fancy, but I haven’t gotten around to it yet.

A historical curiosity: I’ve been posting songs in the order they were originally posted, and I recently caught up to the date I joined Metafilter. Aware by Electric Winter and Get Out of My Songs by goodnewsfortheinsane were both posted that day.

88 Lines About 44 Mefites by cortex

88 Lines About 44 Mefites is a fun song about the personalities & events of Metafilter, & it’s entertainingly densely annotated.