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Viral by Babblesort

Viral is some relatively spare electronica, with a synth line and percussion; it works as background music, or a soundtrack. It sort of rolls along.

It samples a speech from “The Matrix” and a commentary for “Brazil.”

Castles by azarbayejani

Castles is an instrumental electronic remix of Bach’s Prelude in G, based on a performance by Pablo Casals.

I am looking for a used car. by mintcake!

I am looking for a used car. is a dancy electronica song, with some unusual vocal samples drawn from a call-in line for the podcast around the tenth anniversary.

By way of limited explanation: Fred was looking for a used car, and that’s Faint of Butt reading Lewis Carroll’s “Jabberwocky.”

Frog versus Toad by The World Famous

To give the full title, Frog versus Toad (Are Part Of A Zombie Bot Army From The Future) is an upbeat techno song that heavily samples Metafilter Podcast, episode 38. It makes the mods both sinister and goofy.

This is the first time I’ve tagged mathowie on here!

Spin Dash by CarrotAdventure

Spin Dash sounds like the soundtrack to a Sonic the Hedgehog game: funky synths, instrumental, the samples from gathering rings. It’s a happy and bouncy song.

Junior by azarbayejani

Junior is a noodly electronica piece, centered on a vocal sample which becomes this haunting wobbly instrument.

Server Sound by tehloki

Server Sound is a muscular but laidback song with random samples layered over synths.

Oh, this was the first of many songs tehloki posted. I love his music! His music’s more notable than his favoriting habit.