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Listen to Your Heart by dacre

Listen to Your Heart is a clubby dance song, with pulsing synths, autotuned vocals, and a piano outdo. It’s like a muscular and relentless steamroller. It’s fun and ridiculous.

The original version, by Roxette, is a pop ballad. It’s really sedate by comparison.

modified block format by ropeladder

modified block format is a head-nodding sort of electronica song; it’s instrumental, with an eerie synth, piano, and glitch as percussion. It has a nice build.

Portable Acid by nthdegx

Portable Acid is a bustling techno track with a noodly synth. I like how quick-moving it is.

Trust (v2) by tmcw

Trust (v2) makes me just space out in a wonderful way. It’s delicate and pensive, and I love its slow build and all its layers.

1988 by god particle

1988 is very 80’s synthpop, sort of contemplative and determined, I think. It’s named after the era it evokes, and the year god particle was born (!) .

Toys by god particle

This week is mostly bouncy electronica. Let’s start with the upbeat Toys, from god particle, who’s re-appearing this week.

Electroball by spiderwire

Electroball is some funky electronica, with guitar & synths.

Those squealing synths later in the song remind me of jake’s “Sock Patterns.”

Tsunami by jlowen

Tsunami is a disorderly, drunken, & catchy song including a banjo, a cheesy synth, an accordion, and a kazoo.

Glow by Electric Winter

Glow is another lovely song from Electric Winter. It’s instrumental, with synths, guitars, a drum machine, and a xylophone.