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Dub Dub by god particle

Dub Dub is an awesome techno song, quick-moving with glitch, squeaky synths, and farty bass.

Blast Off Forever by jake

Blast Off Forever is a sweeping and epic theme for a sadly non-existent video game, a synth-based song that would be great for an action montage.

Planetarium Disco by The World Famous

Planetarium Disco is a happy bouncy techno track, with the synths I like, rolling along in a dense and noodly way.

This is The World Famous’ first appearance here! Many thanks!

Spooky Bitch by chillmost

Spooky Bitch is an instrumental and noodly synth tune. Kinda groovy.

nsbok 0539 by jchgf

nsbok 0539 is minimalist electronica, chill and ambient-ish.

Some Time To Myself by toekneebullard

Some Time To Myself is a chill, slow-moving ambient track. The repetition is sorta hypnotic & soothing.

Baltimore by cloeburner

Baltimore is Baltimore club music, with lots of looping, assembled on the Nintendo DS – points for style!

Episode v1.0 by deusdiabolus

Episode v1.0 is a jazzy, head-bobbing mellow synth song.

You’re Just New by chococat

You’re Just New has somewhat sappy lyrics and cheesy synths, but I think it’s cute.

Daniel Day-Lewis by ageispolis

Daniel Day-Lewis is some upbeat electronica – there’s a catchy undertow to the bassy synths.

The sky was filled with rainbows by Xelf

The sky was filled with rainbows is a gentle, atmospheric song, primarily synth-based. It’s soothing, with a build.

Thanks for the Add (demo) by frenetic

Thanks for the Add is a fun and catchy dance track, with the bass cranked, distorted and farty-sounding. This song’s around four years old, from when Myspace was the dominant social network, with around twice as many monthly users as that upstart Facebook.

Faster Peach by melissa may

Faster Peach is a sorta shoegazer, poppy song from The Harvey Girls, previously.

Pemulis by COBRA!

Pemulis is garage rock. It’s about a character in David Foster Wallace’s “Infinite Jest,” by the band Derailleur, named after a part of a bicycle. This hits my buttons amusingly well.

Me Plug In by tehloki

Me Plug In is techno video game music.

It looks like this used to play at a different rate in Flash, but it works better now. It should be 2:22 long.

Da House by tehloki

Da House is a noodly little dance song.

Mixado Ar Sinore by tehloki

Mixado Ar Sinore is just a charming, loopy song with squealing synths. It’s based on Haddado TarraT odaddaH, a nice electronica song that looped back into reverse, becoming a mirror or palindrome of itself.

Lambda Loops by tehloki

Lambda Loops is some techno with a great momentum.

Server Sound by tehloki

Server Sound is a muscular but laidback song with random samples layered over synths.

Oh, this was the first of many songs tehloki posted. I love his music! His music’s more notable than his favoriting habit.

The Parade at Bobbleton by nthdegx

The Parade at Bobbleton is surprisingly rousing for such cheesy synths.

unhiphop [ar 2] by C.Batt

unhiphop [ar 2] is electronica, with layers of chill and noodling synths, head-bobbing percussion, & glitch.

ripples by advil

ripples has synths that remind me of a Vangelis soundtrack. It starts with calm synths, builds a nice momentum, then mellows out again.

That wraps up the coverage from the first Music Challenge.

I Like Hat by ageispolis

I Like Hat is a catchy song, with beatboxing, synths, and fembot vocals reciting absurd lyrics.

Ten Thousand Waves by ldandersen

Ten Thousand Waves is an atmospheric electronica song.

Synthoholics Anonymous by ozomatli

Synthoholics Anonymous is a sometimes cheesy, sometimes pretty chiptune romp.

Sock Patterns by jake

Sock Patterns is all about cheesy synths. It’s instrumental, but ZachsMind wrote accompanying lyrics if you want to read along.

Hydrogen Eyeliner by chasing

Hydrogen Eyeliner is a mellow instrumental electronica song.