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Alien Rocket Skateboard Cat by CarrotAdventure

Alien Rocket Skateboard Cat is some relentlessly upbeat synthpoppy electronica.

Alone by dunkadunc

Alone is an upbeat instrumental synthpop song, with a kinda clubfooted beat and keyboards with a flexible pitch – which is portamento, the word of the day!

HoverBoardzzzz by CarrotAdventure

HoverBoardzzzz is cheerful videogame music – with guitar and noodly synths, it’s upbeat and instrumental electronica.

Barnyard Friends by CarrotAdventure

Barnyard Friends is upbeat and dancy instrumental electronica.

Another Hour Away by clcapps

Another Hour Away is a kinda relentlessly musically upbeat synthpop dance song.

Distance of the Moon (Albedo Mix) by speicus

Distance of the Moon (Albedo Mix) is a head-bobbing synthpop song, with a great groove.

Cambie & Hastings by CarrotAdventure

Cambie & Hastings is a happy noodly electronica song.

Frog versus Toad by The World Famous

To give the full title, Frog versus Toad (Are Part Of A Zombie Bot Army From The Future) is an upbeat techno song that heavily samples Metafilter Podcast, episode 38. It makes the mods both sinister and goofy.

This is the first time I’ve tagged mathowie on here!

Administrative Professionals’ Day by blapst

Administrative Professionals’ Day is, well, a hot dance jam for administrative professionals. It’s humorous and also decent dance music.

This is the only song blapst has posted, and they’ve been inactive for a couple of years now.

Revolutionary Women’s Mechanized Suicide Brigade by doubtfulpalace

Revolutionary Women’s Mechanized Suicide Brigade is a multi-layered, electronica track; with a mellow bassline and upbeat glitchiness.

Systems by god particle

Systems is an upbeat synthpop dance song for kicking off the weekend!

Yellow Test 1 by cmicali

Yellow Test 1 is some groovy house techno. My only problem with it is that it’s too short – only 3:19, with an abrupt ending!

184rtm by distrakted

184rtm is upbeat, instrumental electronica. I like distrakted’s work – it evokes an atmosphere.