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In Your Face (demo) by frenetic

In Your Face (demo) is a fun little electronic rock song. It’s a nice head-bobbing song, with outbreaks of guitars.

I Think You’re Alright (demo) by frenetic

I Think You’re Alright (demo) is a pretty great rock song. (Not a lovesong.) I like the groove of the bass guitar especially, and the touches of synth throughout.

Goodbye Horses by frenetic

Goodbye Horses is an electronic rock cover of the Q Lazzarus song, popularized by “Silence of the Lambs.”

Happy 4th of July!

Feel Free! Plastic Surgery! (demo) by frenetic

Feel Free! Plastic Surgery! (demo) is an upbeat and happy song, with slightly less optimistic lyrics – cutting, even – about plastic surgery. I like this as it is, with weird instruments in the background, like the beatboxing, other mouth noises, and the swelling horns.

The final version – on Guess Who’s a Mess and on Soundcloud – loses some of the goofy instrumentation, and some of the charm, though your mileage may vary.

Model Home by frenetic

Model Home is a fun big dumb techno song from frenetic. It’s dancy synthpop.

I Command You to Be My Woman by frenetic

I Command You to Be My Woman is a big dumb rock song. Fun and hilarious!

Certain Death by frenetic

Certain Death is an acoustic pop rock song.

Thanks for the Add (demo) by frenetic

Thanks for the Add is a fun and catchy dance track, with the bass cranked, distorted and farty-sounding. This song’s around four years old, from when Myspace was the dominant social network, with around twice as many monthly users as that upstart Facebook.

Making Me Nervous by frenetic

Making Me Nervous is a laidback, catchy song, & it was the second song posted to Metafilter Music.