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Lorem Ipsum by jake

Lorem Ipsum is a great j-pop song – an entirely digital performance except for the guitar and bass. The rest – the choir, the vocals, the other instruments – are made by computer. The lyrics are from some wellknown placeholder text – it’s not grammatical Latin, it’s just meant as visual filler text until the real text arrives.

Turbo Nugget by jake

Turbo Nugget is a happy poppy bouncy chiptune, sort of about a hyper dog running around.

Blast Off Forever by jake

Blast Off Forever is a sweeping and epic theme for a sadly non-existent video game, a synth-based song that would be great for an action montage.

Staring at My Spaceship by jake

Staring at My Spaceship is a cute bossa nova chiptune.

Sock Patterns by jake

Sock Patterns is all about cheesy synths. It’s instrumental, but ZachsMind wrote accompanying lyrics if you want to read along.

FX3 – Thrash by jake

FX3 – Thrash is awesome 16-bit game music. I want to play this game! Sadly, it doesn’t exist.