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For Heidi by mediocre

You know, I don’t think I always had a weakness for banjos. I mean, I thought I disliked bluegrass. But For Heidi is just some noodling around on the banjo, and, well, I’m all right with that.

Punch ‘Em In The Dick by mediocre

The release of the instant classic Punch ‘Em In The Dick was a momentous and historic occasion for Metafilter Music. It’s a NSFW hip-hop track, with a deceptively dumb sound and topic and funny lyrics – “scrotum? I damn near killed ’em!” It made it into the Mefi sideblog (a first for a Mefi Music song!), the Mefi podcast, & it was made into a ringtone.

If you haven’t heard it, give it a verse or two; it’s a really smart song for being so lowbrow.

As appropriate: Happy Memorial Day or Punch Monday in the dick, y’all!

Whiskey Pearl by mediocre

Whiskey Pearl is a fun acoustic bluegrass tune, with the focus on intricate banjo work.

Devils Soiree by mediocre

Devils Soiree is a “70’s style outlaw country song.” I love the steel guitar.