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Everything (is on fire) by The Great Big Mulp

Everything (is on fire) is a mellow and interesting song, with beatboxing and a recorder and a kazoo, and then the fire spreads and it melts down.

Zillion by The Great Big Mulp

Zillion is a cover of a song from a Sega game, with new lyrics. I love all the instruments – a kazoo, a toy piano, a trumpet, and a reed organ – and the unexpected melancholic mood of it all.

Then She Begins … by The Great Big Mulp

Then She Begins … is another short rock song, packing a lot in despite that – some unusual instruments appear, including an electric ukelele, a toy piano, a reed organ, and a trumpet.

Flyball’s Lament (the cover one) by ORthey

Flyball’s Lament (the cover one) is a cover of The Great Big Mulp’s “Flyball’s Lament” (previously). This is a minimal and folkish cover, with frequent guest ORthey singing and playing a guitar or two – one’s his resonator guitar (previously), which is bluegrass-ish.

Flyball’s Lament (the better one) by The Great Big Mulp

Flyball’s Lament (the better one) is a newer version of the simpler, stripped-down first attempt. It’s a silly & fun song.

Happy Birthday, Mom! by The Great Big Mulp

Happy Birthday, Mom! is a fun song, incorporating kazoo, recorder, toy piano, and a ukulele.

The Imlovence (of My Heart) by The Great Big Mulp

The Imlovence (of My Heart) is an offbeat snapshot of a specific moment, though it’s sad that it takes a derogatory stance against “nonexistent” words.

Revenge by The Great Big Mulp

Revenge is a very orchestratedly odd song, with the first mentions so far of “mayonnaise” & “dodecahedral.” It feels like a decent song to end the week with.